Peer Behind the Scenes of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with RAM Trucks

Few holiday events are as iconic or nationally-recognized as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which highlights TV screens on Thanksgiving Day, before the eating and football-viewing commences. This year, the parade was made possible by many forces, one of which is the undeniable capability and strengths of the RAM trucks lineup. Led by the undeniably impressive RAM 1500, the RAM trucks brought unrivaled towing capability and toughness to the NYC parade.

Not only do RAM trucks deliver the impressive capability to tow the many attractions of the parade, but they also provide an impressively refined interior, delivering immense comfort to all who sit within the vehicle, and making them the perfect truck for a parade of this magnitude. If you've never sat within the new RAM 1500, or any of the other vehicles of the RAM lineup, you've been missing out.

To learn more about RAM trucks, or to experience one firsthand, come and see us at Landmark Athens Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM. Once you arrive at our location we'll help you to identify the perfect vehicle for your future, arrange a test drive, and ensure an effortless transition into ownership of an unparalleled new truck. In no time you'll be enjoying the excitement of a great new truck throughout Athens, GA and beyond.

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